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1. The HS educational and welfare society is registering the motive to educate youth in regard to the integrity and development of the nation. To Undertake development of education in various field for the said purpose to run Primary secondary and Training institute and Technical Institute.
2. To promote the technical and vocational education, promotion of Science and art literature.
3. To promote India Education all over the world.
4. To provide opportunities of education for economically poor and needy.
5. To manage run and established best quality Educational Institute all over the India.
6. To promote cultural education and social split among the society to arrange an manage the vocational training institution in management ,Hotel Management ,computer ,fine arts ,craft ,music ,painting ,dancing, yoga fashion designing, cutting & tailoring, embroidery, beautician, technical and other professional training subject courses.
7. To promote literacy cultural and other social activity by awareness programs cultural programs press conference and seminar.